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Sport Basketball
Home city GYM at Gymnasium Unterhaching
Team members 64 (Player list)
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Yavar, profile photo

Hi Guys ,
I am new in town , looking for a team to play with ,
could anyone inform me of any chance around ?

Yavar, profile photo

Hi Dwanis ,
Sorry for delayed response , i just moved to munich , i live in Neuperlach , any plan fo tomorrow??


Hey Yavar, sorry no playing for me today! Of you have WhatsApp you can hit me up a 0176 80543878 and I can let you know when I will play, next time and/or a few locations where you might find some play!

Arturo, profile photo

Guys, I have good news...

We can play on every Sunday from 10:00 - 12:30 in the gym in GARCHING at "Grund- und Mittelschule Garching West" (as soon as gyms are open again for basketball trainings).

We have also sufficient parking slots in front of the school (unfortunately outsides) and we have access to the showers, as well👍✅

CONDITION: everyone must join the club VfR Garching, which makes currently a fee of 155€ per year for each player. Please consider this proposal and give me a short notice, if you intend to join.

Send me a msg on my mobile no. 01774970096 with following text:
“I’m IN with Garching”
I’m OUT with Garching

Kind regards

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SFVUG Basketball on Sunday at GYM of Lise Meitner Gymnasium Unterhaching 10:00-12:30
Contact: Franz Malcher, malcher@effm.de, 0179 4525527

The Sportförderverein Gymnasium Unterhaching (SFVGU) pursues exclusively charitable purposes within the meaning of section "tax purposes" of the tax code. The purpose of the association is to support the sport at the high school Unterhaching in terms of money. The association charges fees from the active athletes for the operation of gambling. According to a license agreement with the high school 55% of these charge go as use fee to the high school and 30% as a donation to the department of sport. The calculation of the fee is based on participation. The fee is 3 € for each participation. After participation of 10 times per year, only 2 € will be charged to a max. participation fee of 70 € per year. Students and people w/o regular income are free. The fee is payable for each participation, but preliminary payment is favoured. In that case participations will be registered and balanced against the preliminary payment. If not used within a year, preliminary payment will be transferred to next year.